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Fridays openings: Time to fix those mistakes

Suspense, some violence and even a bit of time travel (?) are on the movie docket this coming week. Friday's top mainstream movie opening, according to the national release schedule is:

"Don't Let Go": David Oyelowo plays a police detective who gets the opportunity to save his brother's family from being murdered — even though the killings have already happened. Time is relative, Einstein.

Hollywood Reporter critic John DeFore wrote, "Grounded in realism thanks to a lead performance by David Oyelowo, whose character (for once in this sort of adventure) never seems to fully accept the reality of what's happening to him, the pic should be welcomed by genre fans who aren't yet burned out on time-travel variants."

And at the Magic Lantern?

"The Nightingale": A woman (Aisling Franciosi) pursues a personal sense of justice in the Tasmanian outback in this Australian film set at the turn of the 19th century.

Entertainment Weekly critic Leah Greenblatt wrote, "(I)n its finest moments — particularly the raw, remarkable performances of Franciosi and (Baykali) Ganambarr — 'The Nightingale' sings." Insert here the obligatory joke about shrimps and barbies.

As usual, I'll update when area theaters finalize their bookings.