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Magic Lantern to screen Shelton’s ‘Sword of Trust’

And at the Magic Lantern? Yeah, a lot of new movies are scheduled to open Friday at area mainstream theaters. But what about Spokane's art movie house?

Well, it's going to pick up one film, "The Farewell," that opened on Friday at AMC River Park Square. And it will open another, directed by Seattle filmmaker Lynn Shelton, that played at the recent Seattle International Film Festival. That second film:

"Sword of Trust": Director and co-writer (with Mike O'Brien) Shelton tells the story of a woman who inherits a sword from her deceased grandfather, a sword the old man always claimed was proof that the South won the Civil War. Let the satire ensue.

As AV Club critic Mike D'Angelo wrote, "There’s a great tragicomedy to be mined from the current national obsession with blatantly idiotic conspiracy theories, but it would require more than the superficial feints we get here. Still, it’s a pleasure to see Shelton in her element again, guiding actors to places that feel unexpected yet authentic."

Changes may yet come. I'll report them as I discover them.