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RiffTrax Live jeers at ‘Octaman’ (and so can you)

One of the joys of watching a movie in the comfort of your own home is that you can, if you're so moved, yell at the screen.

Of course, some people do that in theaters. Which is unpardonably rude and is one reason why I'm so glad that more and more good movies are playing on streaming services that I subscribe to.

Because at home it's fun to make fun of what you're watching, especially when what you're watching is particularly bad. The program "Mystery Science Theater 3000" was built on that concept. Then in 2006, "RiffTrax" was born.

And the nice thing about "RiffTrax" is that it feature a trio of comics who do in the theater what some of us to at home: Jeer at what we're watching.

On Thursday and on April 24, "RiffTrax Live" will makes jokes at the expense of the 1971 low-budget flick "Octaman." A science-fiction film written and directed by Harry Essex, "Octaman" tells the story of a mutated man-octopus who preys on the likes of Pier Angeli and Kerwin Matthews.

The screenings will occur at 8 p.m. on Thursday, 7:30 p.m. on April 24, at the Regal Cinemas' theaters at Northtown Mall and Coeur d'Alene's Riverstone Stadium.

Feel free to go. And to jeer. But mostly to laugh.