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Return of the Limerick Contest 2013

Roberto - March 4, 2013

First place — elementary category

The Eagle

There once was a villainous eagle
He was famed but not really regal,
The seagulls are praying,
When that eagle is saying,
“Boy, I’m hungry for seagull.”

Chris Cook - February 27, 2013

First place, open category

Nearing 40, the garbage goat stands,
Seeking only the trash in our hands;
Since he eats to excess,
Tell me: How’s he possess
Such a waistline—it never expands?

Carmen - March 4, 2013

Second place — Elementary category

Lance’s Last Chance

There once was a mean snake named Lance,
Who tried to slide up my pants,
He slid down my shirt
And bit me (it hurt)
And now there is no second chance.

Richard - February 25, 2013

Second place — open category

About Eagles as Eags I will nag

Though from Cougar a Coug you can drag

If the name explains how

What I want to know now

How does Bulldog turn into a Zag?

Sharon - February 27, 2013

Third place — open category

The Bulldogs can beat any beagle.
Their courtwork is really quite regal.
But football’s my game,
(Though the red field’s a shame.)
Just call me an old Eastern Eagle!

A cat from the valley named Missy
With her owner she’s usually quite ‘kissy’.
But with crossword on lap,
Papers get a big slap.
The S-R just causes a hissy.

My yard is full of black crows.
And on phone wires they line up in rows.
Though I shoo them away.
They come back next day.
And I ...

Nick - March 4, 2013

The Cow

There once was a cow named Fred,
He liked to eat pumpkin bread.
His milk turned to silver,
His farmer wanted to eat Fred’s liver.
But Fred was full of slimy lead

Calub - March 4, 2013


There once was a super dumb skunk.
Who liked to eat stinky old junk
He took a big lick
It made him so sick
And it put him in a big funk.

Garrett - March 4, 2013

There once was a sly red fox
That was stuck in a brown box.
He wanted to hunt deer
But they were hiding in fear
He looked at his white huge clock.

Gabbreal - March 4, 2013


There once was a baby snake
Who had a big belly-ache.
His mom thought he was sick
But he had a mean mold tick
Then they noticed that he was a fake.

Shirley - March 4, 2013

There once was a fox named Jack.
He loved playing with a tack.
Until he met an eagle
Until he saw a seagull.
A tracked down the eagle.