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Freshly tapped

  • The Stallion imperial IPA

    Tap date: Feb. 16, 2018
    Post Falls Brewing
    Hazy New England style with a pillowy mouthfeel and juicy flavor.
    ABV: 9.6 IBU: 84
  • Northern Cross Russian Imperial Stout

    Tap date: Feb. 16, 2018
    Selkirk Abbey
    Latest addition to Selkirk's non-Belgian Northern Cross line.
    ABV: 9.4 IBU: NA
  • Guard Dog IPA

    Tap date: Feb. 10, 2018
    English Setter Brewing
    Northwest-style IPA gets some color and a subtle flavor note from roasted barley alongside a citrusy, spicy old-school hop blend of Summit, Cascade and Centennial.
    ABV: 7.8 IBU: 76
  • The Grimm imperial stout

    Tap date: Feb. 10, 2018
    English Setter Brewing
    Imperial oatmeal stout brewed with biscuity Maris Otter malt has an astringent snap at the beginning to accent its coffee character and roasty finish.
    ABV: 8 IBU: 28
  • Hop Faced IPA

    Tap date: Feb. 9, 2018
    Daft Badger Brewing
    Imperial IPA hopped with Warrior for bittering and Zythos and Chinook for aroma and flavor.
    ABV: 8.5 IBU: 85
  • Hallertau Blanc Double IPA

    Tap date: Feb. 6, 2018
    Bennidito's Brewpub
    With Amarillo and lots of late addition Hallertau Blanc hops for pineapple, white grape, passion fruit, grapefruit, orange and lemon aromas and flavors.
    ABV: 7.9 IBU: 63
  • Ivan Drago imperial stout

    Tap date: Jan. 31, 2018
    Daft Badger Brewing
    Robust, roasty Russian-style imperial stout.
    ABV: 9 IBU: 55
  • Boozy Palousie

    Tap date: Jan. 27, 2018
    Black Label Brewing
    Strong wheat wine brewed with locally grown and produced Palouse Pint malt plus honey, vanilla and orange zest and juice.
    ABV: 11.5 IBU: 52
  • Boysenberry Sour

    Tap date: Jan. 27, 2018
    Black Label Brewing
    Mild wheat sour brewed with locally grown and produced Palouse Pint malt.
    ABV: 5.1 IBU: 10
  • Citra Bomb Imperial IPA

    Tap date: Jan. 23, 2018
    Iron Goat Brewing
    Heavily dry-hopped all-Citra IPA.
    ABV: 8.8 IBU: 96
  • Eclectic Feel

    Tap date: Jan. 18, 2018
    Bellwether Brewing
    Gruit brewed with wheat, honey, hops, birch bark, lemon verbena, basil and black pepper.
    ABV: 5.5 IBU: 20
  • Northern Cross Doppelbock

    Tap date: Jan. 17, 2018
    Selkirk Abbey
    Strong, dark lager is smooth and rich with a touch of malt sweetness in the finish.
    ABV: 6.5 IBU: 33
  • Collaborator Doppelbock

    Tap date: Jan. 13, 2018
    Waddell's Brewing
    Malty lager brewed in collaboration with Tumwater's Matchless Brewing.
    ABV: 6.9 IBU: NA
  • Fat Hobbit's Tricksy Gruit

    Tap date: Jan. 11, 2018
    Bellwether Brewing
    Brewed with rosemary, grapefruit peel, clove, allspice, grains of paradise, coriander and star anise, hopped with fruity/spicy Southern Cross and finished with orange juice.
    ABV: 7.2 IBU: NA
  • The Yard Scotch Ale

    Tap date: Jan. 10, 2018
    English Setter Brewing
    Rich and malty with flavor notes of toffee, caramel and nuts.
    ABV: 7.4 IBU: 34