102 Dalmatians

Running time:
1:41 minutes
Release date:
January 2, 2001
Quick review:
Cruella De Vil (Glenn Close) has just finished a three-year term for the crimes she committed in "101 Dalmatians," the 1996 Disney film to which this is a sequel. Released after undergoing aversion therapy, she is entrusted to the care of a dog-owning probation officer (Alice Evans). But soon enough, Cruella reverts to her old ways ... as if that was ever in doubt. Here is another tame effort at producing the kind of entertaining family film that Disney used to do as a matter of course (take the 1961 animated "Dalmatians" original, for example). It avoids most of the repetitive slapstick violence of the '96 effort (John Hughes is not involved this time), but it adds little that is new - except for Eric Idle (uncredited) as a parrot who thinks he's a dog, and Gerard Depardieu as a fey fashion designer. The film's one major selling point to parents: Kids may like it. That's something, this time of year especially.