“The Paleobotany and Geology of the Clarkia Area, Idaho”

May 26, 2018-May 26, 2018

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Sponsored by the Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society and Sandpoint Parks and Recreation. The program will discuss the geologic setting and the relationship of the ancient Lake Clarkia to the Columbia River Basalt. Fossils of more than 100 ancient species of trees, insects and fish have been found in lake bed sediments that formed about 15 million years ago. The species present tell us much about what the climate was like in the area at that time. Incredibly, DNA has also been collected and sequenced from some of the samples found. Bill Rember is an affiliate professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Idaho and director of UI’s Tertiary Research Center. He has been unearthing and studying the Clarkia fossil flora of northern Idaho for decades.

9:45-11:30 a.m.
Sandpoint Community Hall, 204 S. First Ave., Sandpoint, ID
Sandpoint/Priest River
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