Arbor Crest Fireside Music Series

April 1, 2017

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Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening from 5:30-7:30 p.m., during October, live music along with wines by the flight. Oct. 6, soulful rock of singer/guitarist Ron Greene; Oct. 7, Dan Conrad; Oct. 8, acoustic variety with Spare Parts Duo; Oct. 13, Bill Bozly; Oct. 14, Karrie O’Neill; Oct. 15, Evan Denlinger, country/folk/rock; Oct. 20, Jan Harrison, jazz; Oct. 21, Karri O’Neill; Oct. 20, Sara Brown, blues; Oct. 27, Steven King; Oct. 28, Spare Parts Duo; Oct. 29, Dan Conrad; Nov. 10, variety Spare Parts Duo; Nov. 11, Just Plain Darin; Nov. 12, soulful rock of singer/guitarist Ron Greene; Dec. 1, Bill Bozly; Dec. 2 Spare Parts (variety); Dec. 3, Ron Greene (soulful rock); Dec. 8, Kosh; Dec. 9, Evan Denlinger (country rock); Dec 10, Dan Conrad; Dec. 17, Spare Parts Duo; Dec. 22, Kosh; Dec. 23, Just Plain Darin; Jan. 13, Jan Harrison; Jan. 14, Isaac Walton; Jan. 20-21, Son of Brad (aka Daniel Mills); Jan. 27, Karrie O’Neill; Jan. 28, Spare Parts Duo; March 3-4, Daniel Mills (Rock); March 10, Dan Conrad (pop/country/rock); March 11, Craig Catlett and Truck Mills (blues/jazz); March 17, Larry Myer (folk/rock/country); March 18, Pamela Benton (electric fiddle and guitar); March 24, Karrie O’Neill (acoustic pop/folk); March 25, Spare Parts Duo (classic softer rock); March 31, Evan Denlinger (folk/country/classic rock); April 1, KOSH (rock); April 7-8, Son of Brad (aka Daniel Mills) (rock); April 14, Dan Conrad (pop/country/folk); April 15, Spare Parts Duo (classic softer rock); April 21, Karrie O’Neill (acoustic pop/folk); April 28, Spare Parts Duo (classic softer rock); April 29, Isaac Walton (alt folk/rock).

Arbor Crest Wine Cellars, Tasting Room, 4705 N. Fruit Hill Road, Spokane Valley
Spokane Valley
(509) 927-9463
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