Rocket Mass Heater and Rocket Heated Bathtub Workshop

August 1, 2014

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Sjang has been teaching folks around the world how to heat their homes and use that same energy for cooking, bathing and heating water. He has led workshops in India, United Kingdom, Norway and his home country of the Netherlands. His stoves are as beautiful as they are well engineered and functional. The workshop is for anyone who heats with wood, loves the comfort and beauty of a wood fire and wants to work 1/2 as hard to put up a winter’s worth of wood. These stoves reportedly use only 1/2 of the wood that a conventional wood stove uses. This workshop is also for those who wish to learn about heating with wood in an efficient and earth-friendly way. The Rocket Mass Heater burns completely clean. Camping is available at the site where the stove will be built.

9 a.m.
575 Littlebrave Way, Sagle, Idaho
Sandpoint/Priest River
$245 by June 1, $285 after June 1
(509) 993-1990
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