Campbell House Holidays

January 5, 2014

Jan. 1-5. Enjoy a 1910 Christmas at Campbell House! Bring your family and friends to the MAC for our annual Campbell House Holidays. Take your time wandering through Campbell House and the Carriage House. While exploring the house, you can meet with Mrs. Campbell, Hulda the cook, and our coachman Joseph Rainsberry. Play a game of charades with Mrs. Campbell and help Hulda make Mrs. Campbell’s special sugar cookies. While you are in the Carriage House, ask Mr. Rainsberry, the coachman, about his views on the Campbells buying an electric car. Other activities in the house will include a scavenger hunt, listening to the Criterion music box’s 1910 playlist, and a chance to play a game of Chinese Checkers in the den. Activities in the house include games and Victorian dress up clothing. Campbell House is an open house (no tours) noon-4 p.m. Admission can be purchased at the admissions desk in the main museum building.

Campbell House, 2316 W. First Ave.
$10/adults, $7.50/seniors, $5/students, free/age five and younger
(509) 456-3931
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