April 13, 2013

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April 12-13 and 18-20. Shakespearean play presented by John R. Rogers High School Encore Drama. This is often said to be the bloodiest piece Shakespeare ever wrote. The year is 2014, nuclear warfare has destroyed almost all civilization on earth, and those who survived are left to pick up the carnage. In Scotland, a war rages between the Scots and Norway for the last remaining resources on earth. Leading Scotland is a fierce warrior, Macbeth (Dakota Goodwin). He has won battle after battle and has quickly gained rank; however, the weird sisters, representing the seven deadly sins, (Jourdan Goodenough, Stephi Redmond and Delilah Peddle) lead him astray by convincing him that he shall become king of Scotland. Macbeth and his manipulative wife (Bridget Gabriel) quickly go crazy for power as they use lies, murderers, and ferocious battles to gain power. Standing in his way however is the valiant Macduff (Miles Fowler), who hopes to stop Macbeth before the tyrant takes over the entire country. Will Good triumph over Evil? How will Macbeth’s rampage come to an end? Come see Macbeth to find out! Shows nightly at 7 p.m. This is a high intensity production. Viewer discretion is advised.

Rogers High School, 1622 E. Wellesley Ave.
Bemiss neighborhood, Northeast Spokane
(509) 354-6551
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