Bad Science Fridays!

February 1, 2013

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Feb. 1, “Astrology,” ever wonder why the horoscopes in the newspaper sometimes seem so eerily accurate? It’s got less to do with the stars and more to do with human psychology. March 1, “No Quick Fix,” lots of people like to advertise quick fixes for anything that ails you. Magnets? Little bracelets? Different kinds of psychic surgery? Try some of them out and discover if they really work as advertised. April 5, “Ancient Aliens,” who build the pyramids? Did aliens help? Probably not! Come learn about the techniques used to build ancient structures. They didn’t need aliens to do it! May 3, “Perpetual Motion Machines,” the world dreams of a source of free energy: something that generates more power than it uses. For centuries people have built machines that they claimed broke the laws of physics in just that way? Do they work? Come find out! June 7, “Dowsing and Dead People,” ever heard of the ideomotor effect? If not, that’s okay, lots of people haven’t. But it’s incredibly powerful and can even make you think you’re talking to dead people or sensing treasure with your mind! July 5, “Homeopathic Remedies,” homeopathic medicine is all over the place. But what exactly is it? How do they make their medicines? And more importantly, is there sound science behind it? Aug. 2, “Popular Science,” sometimes it’s hard to tell good science from bad science when you hear about it on TV or on the internet. Judge some science and see how well you do!

10 a.m.
Mobius Science Center, 811 W. Main Ave.
Riverside neighborhood, Downtown
$10/adults, $7/ages 4-17, free/age three and younger
(509) 443-5669
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