Author Samantha Means

December 16, 2012

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Signing of her book “A Winter Storm.” After publishing a book about her experiences with child abuse and opening a facility for battered women and children, Grace Winter thought she was finally free from the shame that haunted her from years of suffering in silence. But when her uninformed boyfriend wants to spend their Christmas with her family, she becomes aware of how far she is from freedom when she stays with her former abusers who never faced the consequences. As Grace attempts to juggle who she is, who her family and boyfriend want her to be, and the expectations of her faith, she runs into her first love, and first heartbreak, who’s somehow changed in all the right ways five years too late. With Christmas drawing near, Grace discovers a desire for what she never thought was possible to have: true love and freedom from a life dominated by secrets and lies. She must choose between keeping the peace and bringing the truth to light, doing what makes sense and following her heart, and find out whether it’s possible to forgive the unforgivable and allow her faith carry her through.

Spokane Christian Church, 3007 E. Marshall Ave.
Chief Garry Park neighborhood, Northeast Spokane
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