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The week’s releases: Little people, circuses and the jungle

Now that "Star Wars" fever is dying down … just kidding. People, even most critics, are still buzzing over the newest addition to the George Lucas-created franchise. But a new week brings new offerings to the theaters. Including what the national release schedule says will open this week:


"Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle": This updated version of the 1995 Robin Williams film features four teenagers being drawn into a video game and becoming their adult avatars. Cue Guns N' Roses.

"The Greatest Showman": Hugh Jackman plays P.T. Barnum in this imaginative musical abut the birth of the circus. Send in the clowns. 


"Downsizing": Alexander Payne ("The Descendants") brings his wry touch to a story about a world that promises shrinking yourself down to five inches will solve all your problems. Cue Randy Newman.

"Father Figures": Owen Wilson and Ed Helms stars as brothers who go off in search of their real father. Does father really know best?

"Pitch Perfect 3": The Belles have gone their separate ways, but circumstances cause them to unite a final time to compete for a spot on a USO tour. Sometimes, life is a real pitch.

As always, I'll update when the local theaters update their final schedules.