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Catch ‘Free Solo’ in IMAX at AMC River Park Square

One of the most intense moviegoing experiences I had during 2018 came while watching the documentary film "Free Solo."

Directed by Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, the film captured the untethered climb that Alex Honnold made of the 3,200-foot wall of El Capitan in California's Yosemite National Park.

"Untethered," as in he climbed the whole way, alone, without any ropes to save him if he lost his grip.

Though it was clear that Honnold, who made the climb on June 3, 2017, had been successful, Chin and Vararhelvi manage to maintain a sense of suspense throughout the film. And shots of Honnod's climb, which include those made by members of the filmmaking crew and by drones, make the danger Honnold faced all that more real.

If you haven't yet seen the film, you'll have another chance. And on the big screen in IMAX format. The AMC theater at River Park Square will present a week-long run of the film beginning on Friday.

“Seeing Honnold at the peak of his skill on the biggest screen possible is an experience for everybody to savor," wrote Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times.

I couldn't agree more.

Note: I should have added that "Free Solo" is still playing at the Magic Lantern Theater in regular format.