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Friday’ openings: Ugly dolls, beautiful music

A full range of movies is on the docket for Friday, according to the national release schedule. A preview of likely openings follows:

"UglyDolls": Another movie based on a line of toys, this one involves a group of dolls that discover that being true to one's self is more important than some vain search for perfection. Du-uh.

"Long Shot": Stunning Charlize Theron prepares a run for the presidency with the help of frumpish speech-writer Seth Rogen, and we're supposed to believe that a feeling of intimacy grows between them. Shades of "Knocked Up."

"The Intruder": When a young couple buys a house, they discover that the former owner (Dennis Quaid) doesn't want to let go. But will he at least clean the pool?

"El Chicano": Two brothers hailing from East L.A. take different life paths and end up on different sides of the law. Que pena.

And at the Magic Lantern:

"Amazing Grace": In 1972, Aretha Franklin recorded a concert at a church in Los Angeles. After all this time, her performance is brought to the big screen. How sweet the sound.

"Ask Dr. Ruth": As she approaches her 90th birthday, Holocaust survivor and sex-therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer is profiled. Don't tell Dr. Phil.

As always, I'll update when area theaters finalize their bookings.