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Friday’s opening redux II: a woman climate warrior

And now comes word that a third film, another one with a high Rotten Tomatoes rating, has been added to the list of movies opening Friday at the Magic Lantern:

"Woman at War": An Icelandic woman wages a one-person battle with an aluminum company, but her life changes when her petition to adopt a Ukrainian child is accepted. Maybe a final act of rebellion is in order.

Here are some critical comments:

Walter V. Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle: "The director's admiration and affection for Halla is clear, as are his activist sympathies, and they are put across with a lightness and a mild absurdity that make for a warmer experience than the material suggests."

Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times: "Approaching weighty themes with a very light touch, Benedikt Erlingsson's 'Woman at War' is an environmental drama wrapped in whimsical comedy and tied with a bow of midlife soul-searching."

David Erlich, IndieWire: "An artful fable that examines what it really means to save the world, Benedikt Erlingsson's 'Woman at War' is the rarest of things: A crowd-pleaser about climate change."

And the changes, climate and otherwise, keep coming. I'll update as they finalize (at least the movie-related ones).