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Friday’s openings redux: Lovers at the crossroad

Looks as if there's at least one addition to Friday's movie-openings schedule:

"Juliet, Naked": Rose Byrne plays a woman whose boyfriend (Chris O'Dowd) is obsessed with a one-time popular singer-songwriter named Ticker Crowe (played by Ethan Hawke). Then she begins seeing none other than … Tucker Crowe. And don't you hate it every time that happens.

Here are some critical comments:

Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly: "The plot is essentially a wisp, and Byrne is far too luminous for her sad-sack role. But Juliet still feels winning; the small, sweet grace note on a familiar melody."

Lindsay Bahr, Associated Press: "Juliet, Naked has a plot that not only builds but that keeps getting more interesting and more rewarding."

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times: "A charming film of an engaging, adult nature about two very different people trying to press reset in their lives, it is comic, heartfelt and smart as they come - a rare combination these days."