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Magic Lantern offers three mysteries in one

A question of identity will be on tap at the Magic Lantern when the Friday movie slate commences. The lantern's new offering is as follows:

"Three Identical Strangers": A set of identical triplets, separated at birth, reunite — largely by coincidence — and prove to be ideal subjects for science. Among director Tim Wardle's documentary film's several sterling reviews are:

Gayle MacDonald, The Globe and Mail: "Wardle takes his audience on an engrossing, heartbreaking journey into the lives of three innocents whose lives became experiments for scientists on a quest to unravel how identity is shaped."

Anthony Lane, The New Yorker: "So bizarre is the tale that Tim Wardle tells, in his new documentary, and so unnervingly mixed the emotions that it provokes, that the less you know about it beforehand the better."

Ty Burr, Boston Globe: "Well after the astonishment of its narrative fades, "Three Identical Strangers" is a movie to make you think twice about your own siblings - and maybe take a long look in the mirror at yourself."