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Going to Portland? Check out Andina

Because an old friend's daughter was getting married, I had a chance to make a quick trip to Portland And, no, I didn't get to meet Fred Armisen or Carrie Brownstein. But I did take the opportunity to shop at Powell's Books and dine at the Peruvian-themed restaurant Andina.

Here is the review of Andina that I posted on OpenTable.com: "Our server, Manuel, was great — friendly, not pushy, willing to let us sit and talk long after we'd finished eating. The food overall was tasty, even if my paella wasn't what I expected (unlike what I've had in Spain). Our appetizers were good, too, and the two bottles of wine we four consumed fit the food perfectly. Andina, which had been recommended to us, fully lived up to our expectations."

My paella is picture in the photo above. My only complaint: We sat in a corner booth, which afforded us some much-valued privacy, but the acoustics of the room made it difficult for us to hear one another. Of course, that might have been caused more by the fact that the four of us, in total, have done some two and a half centuries worth of living.

And, sad to say, older ears just don't hear as well.