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Friday’s openings: African kings and early humankind

So, finally we're heading into 2018 all by itself. No leftover 2017 films (except for those playing at the Magic Lantern), just films from the new year. And the openings on Friday's national schedule are:

"Black Panther": Chadwick Boseman stars as the title character, the superhero alter ego of an African king who is forced to fight against enemies who would threaten his homeland. Not the story of Huey Newton.

"Early Man": "Wallace & Gromit" creator Nick Park brings his claymation technique to this story of early humankind, when a guy named Dug is forced to fight against a dastardly lord who is threatening his tribe. Also, no Huey Newton.

"Samson": Hunky Taylor James stars as the biblical character who ends up duped by Delilah and, ultimately, is forced to fight against enemies who threaten his homeland. Have I taken the joke far enough?

I'll update as the local theaters, including the Magic Lantern, update their listings.