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Talent and grace were part of Callas’ mystique

Here's a truism for you: Not all of us are opera fans.

Then again, not all of us are football fans, neither of the American nor the international version. Yet most of us can recognize grace and talent, which are qualities that, say, Russell Wilson has in common with the late, great soprano Maria Callas.

Callas is the subject of a documentary, "Maria by Callas," that opens Friday at the Magic Lantern Theatre. It is getting mostly rave reviews (91 percent fresh rating among critics on Rotten Tomatoes).

Ann Hornaday, Washington Post: "What emerges is a portrait of a woman of extraordinary natural gifts and work ethic, who was pressured to become a superstar by her mother and then her husband, instead of a conventional homemaker and mother."

Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter: "At the very least, it will send many viewers back to the recordings, some of them superior to the renditions heard here, with a more vivid picture of the extraordinary woman who made them."

Monica Castillo, RogerEbert.com: "An aching compilation of a woman branded as difficult yet adored as one of operas' biggest stars in the 20th century."

For a touch of what to expect, check the embed below.