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Friday’s openings: Comedy and survival horror

Comedy and contemporary horror can, at times, be the same thing. According to the week's national movie-release list, we'll all have the opportunity to experience a bit of both on Friday.

The week's movie openings are:

"I Feel Pretty": Amy Schumer plays a plus-size woman who, after banging her head, suddenly believes that she is the most beautiful woman ever. Discomfort comedy.

"Super Troopers 2": It's been 17 years, but the Broken Lizard comedy super troupe is back, this time conflicting with Canadian law enforcement. It's funny, eh?

"Traffik": When a pair of couples go off to a remote location for a long weekend, they find themselves hunted by a motorcycle gang. And don't we all hate it when that happens.

And at the Magic Lantern: Our local arts theater is picking up a run of the film "The Leisure Seeker," which stars Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland as an elderly couple taking what might be a last road trip in their RV.

As always, I'll update when the local theaters finalize their schedules.