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Friday’s openings: Remakes and resurrections

It looks to be a busy week coming up at the movie theaters. Following are the films listed on the national release schedule:

"American Made": Doug Liman ("The Bourne Identity") directs and Tom Cruise stars in this action-packed film, based in fact, about an airline pilot who went to work for as a gunrunner for the CIA. Can you say freedom fighter?

"Flatliners": An update of the 1990 film about medical students stopping their hearts, briefly experiencing death, and then being revived — only to discover they've unleashed, uh, evil. #originalityisdead

"A Question of Faith": In the face of crisis, three families depend on their faith to pull them through. #canigetanamen

"Til Death Do Us Part": To escape an abusive husband, a woman flees her life and creates a new identity. But hubby doesn't give up easily. Now, that's an original concept — not.

As usual, I'll update when the local listings are finalized.