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Magic Lantern goes all British historical

So, the Magic Lantern has finalized its Friday schedule. Spokane's art-house cinema will open "Viceroy's House," which is another of those looks at British historical that have become increasingly popular.

Following are some reviews:

Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service: "There's something pleasantly old-fashioned about 'Viceroy's House.' It feels like a Merchant Ivory period piece posing cultural questions within a safely cushioned environment. There are no guessing games, but also very little subtext."

Ben Kenigsberg, New York Times: "The film carries a trace of the sweep of a great screen epic along with the straightforward, explanatory qualities of mass-audience TV, and is never less than absorbing."

Stephanie Merry, Washington Post: " 'Viceroy's House' works, but mainly as a historical refresher on the 70th anniversary of Indian independence. As drama, it's a reminder that truth is sometimes more affecting than fiction."

Sounds like it'll be a royal time.