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‘Shop of Horrors’ is coming for Halloween

Halloween is best celebrated by walking the streets, rainy, cold or whatever, carrying big bags. Costumes are optional, but only for adults accompanying the children, who will stuff those bags full of the loot they beg from neighbors in that old tradition of trick or treating.

Side note: Once in the early '90s, while walking with my tween-age daughter and two of her pals, I dressed like Jason Voorhees, complete with hockey mask (but without the machete). I'd stand on the sidewalk, mute. More than one person, even adults, walked in the opposite direction when they saw me. It was glorious.

Anyway, other than on the night itself — Tuesday, Oct. 31 — what's the best way to celebrate Halloween? Going to see a movie, of course. And at 2 and 7 p.m., on both Oct. 29 and 31, Regal's Northtown Mall Cinemas will get into the act by screening a Fathom Events special Director's Cut version of the 1986 "Little Shop of Horrors."

This musical version of the film, which was based on the Broadway show, will feature the original ending, plus an "exclusive introduction" from director Frank Oz. Oz, of course, is both a filmmaker and the voice of the Muppet Miss Piggy.

Don't miss out. Come dressed as a carnivorous plant if you want. Or maybe even Jason Vorhees.

It should be glorious.