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Discuss ‘Dolores’ at the Lantern on Friday

The name Dolores Huerta doesn't come easily to mind. Not to many of us. Certainly not as easily as Cesar Chavez does.

Chavez, of course, was the labor organizer and civil rights activist who cofounded the United Farm Workers union. He became the face of the movement, the symbol who was hated in in some corners just as he was beloved in others.

But Chavez did not work alone. Huerta was the cofounder of the National Farm Workers Association, which morphed into the UFW. And she was active in the labor movement before and long after meeting Chavez (who died in 1993).

Huerta is the central focus of "Dolores," a documentary film made by Peter Bratt that will open Friday at the Magic Lantern. A special event will follow Friday's 7 p.m. screening: a Q&A with the audience.

The discussion will be moderated by a three-person panel: Dr. Norma Cárdenas, Interim Director in Chicana and Chicano Studies Program at Eastern Washington University; Professor Elisha Miranda, EWU Film Program Co-Director; and Dr. Jessica Willis of EWU's department of Women’s and Gender Studies.

Tickets ($9) can be purchased ahead of time on magiclanternonmain.com or at the door 30 minutes prior to showings. For further information, call (509) 209-2383.