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Friday’s openings: Save the Galaxy - again

So, any number of movies might be opening on Friday. That's the game that both distributors and exhibitors play each week, often not announcing their weekly lineups until the last moment.

One thing is sure about this coming Friday, though. "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2" is opening. And no other blockbuster wannabes are going to want to compete with it. So far, the single announced opening going wide is:

"Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2": The principals from the first film (2014) return, one as a baby, to keep fighting for galactic justice. And Star-Lord meets his Daddy.

And at the Magic Lantern?

"Colossal": Though the Lantern is picking up this quirky film as a second run, it's where it should have opened in the first place. The story involves a self-destructive woman who, returning home, discovers that — for some strange reason — her actions in a playground play out as a monster threatening the citizens of Seoul, Korea. Yeah, seriously.

The official listings from the area chain theaters should be available in a day or two. I'll update then.