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Friday’s openings: X-Men and second lives

Another week, another set of movies that aren't likely to win Academy Awards. But we might find some hidden gems in there somewhere. The scheduled slate of national openings is as follows:

"Logan": Based on the comic book "Old Man Logan," this X-Men variation tells the story of an aging Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and the young mutant girl he is convinced to help — a girl who has powers similar to those he possesses. X-Girl forever.

 "The Shack": A grieving father (Sam Worthington) finds his way to a place in the woods where he encounters the emotional healing he so desperately needs. Bring a hanky.

"Before I Fall": Based on the novel by Lauren Oliver, this teen saga follows a high school senior who finds herself living the same day — a day she seemingly dies — over and over. Think "Groundhog Day" meets "Mean Girls."

As always, I'll have the final listings when they become available.