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Friday’s openings: Movies you gotta see!

Doesn't look like a particularly big upcoming week for the national movie scene, what with only three movies getting moderately wide openings. The movies scheduled to open around the country on Friday are:

"Leap!": An animated tale about an French orphan girl who wrangles her way into Paris' Grand Opera. In the words of Gene Kelly, "Gotta dance!"

"Birth of the Dragon": The "Dragon" in this case is Bruce Lee. And this movie is being marketed as a story about his origins as a master martial arts practitioner. Gotta kick!

"All Saints": John Corbett stars as the pastor of a closed church who teams with a group of Southeast Asian refugees. Gotta dream!

And at the Magic Lantern:

"Dawson City: Frozen Time": Footage of old Dawson City, in Canada's Yukon, lost for half a century before being found in 1978, is compiled to tell how a fishing village was transformed into a gold mining town. Gotta dig!

I'll update when the local listing become finalized.