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MOD Pizza: Quick and tasty downtown

The location that sits at 707 W. Main has seen a lot of changes over the years. It used to be the site of Madeleine's Cafe & Patisserie. Before that it was the chain Italian eatery Cucina! Cucina! And many of us remember when the whole building was part of The Crescent department store, which used to be my favorite downtown lunch spot.

Now the corner spot at Main and Wall is filled by MOD Pizza, a fast-food version of a pizza place that can — depending on how crowded the place is — have you munching on your order almost before you sit down (only a slight exaggeration).

I went there with my brother on Friday night and followed his lead: You step up to the counter, decide the kind of pizza you want (pictures of the special types are on the wall), add in a salad (if needed) and drinks. Then you pay and, barely minutes later, hear your name announced as your order is ready.

How do the pizzas arrive so fast? Here's what you'll find on the FAQ section of the establishment's website: "Our ovens are super hot! Our 800 degree ovens are gas fired and cook your pizza in less than 3 minutes. Pizzas are made by hand and handled by artisan pizza bakers – no conveyer belts here!"

Above is what I ordered: a Mad Dog (pepperoni, sausage, mozzarella, ground beef and red sauce), a Caesar salad and a draft No-Li.

Spokane is blessed to have a lot of decent pizza spots, which is something it's long needed since the days of the old Crescent. In those days, the only pizza you could find was something from a chain business. It's always nice to have choices.