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For a taste of Brazil, try River Park Square

My brother loves his hamburgers. So he was disappointed when River Park Square's food court closed its hamburger place (once D'Lish's Hamburgers, then Cruiser's Burgers & More).

But then, after going to see later-morning screening of Michael Moore's new documentary "Who to Invade Next," we stopped at the Rio Grill Brazilian Express. Those are the the plates of food that my wife and I ordered: a bed of salad with meat (I had the mixed grill) and condiments (including a slice of pineapple) piled on top.

We've dined in Brazil, both in Rio de Janeiro and in Sao Paolo (and one night we stopped at Coeur d'Alene's Grille from Ipanema). And while neither my wife nor I claim to be anything close to expert about Brazilian cuisine, we did enjoy the change of pace from old-school pizza, fast-food Asian and Mexican and Subway sandwiches that the food court otherwise offers.

Yeah, it was a bit pricey (mine was the most expensive, at $9.95). But you have less expensive choices, and you can ask for something other than a bed of salad (rice and beans, for example). So give it a try.

You can always find a tasty hamburger. But finding a taste of Brazil, at least in Spokane, is rare.