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Hiding out in Hillyard: Kate McLachlan reads tonight

Like many public school teachers, Kate McLachlan hit a patch in which — these are her words — "she developed a case of temporary insanity." Her main symptom, however, was unique: She entered law school.

McLachlan gradually recovered her senses. And she didn't just trade grading papers for writing legal briefs. She also began writing fiction, the most recent example of which she will be reading on this frigid evening at Auntie's Bookstore.

"Alias Mrs. Jones," which was released Sept. 30, is set in 1902 Spokane, specifically the neighborhood of Hillyard (McLachlan lives in Eastern Washington). It involves a woman who, in her attempts to hide her true identity, takes a job as a teacher — something she knows nothing about. But even as she begins a relationship with a woman doctor, a murderer is on her trail. Who can she trust? (For a more complete preview, click on the embed below.)

McLachlan has written a number of books in various genres, including two in a time-travel series ("Rip Van Dyke" and "Rescue at Inspiration Point") and "Return of an Impetuous Pilot" (which won a Goldie Award).

McLachlan is an interesting story in herself. In this 2014 interview, she explains her period of "temporary insanity" and how it led her to become the author she is.

As usual, the reading is free and open to the public. And, one hopes, the streets will be clear. Located at the corner of Main and Washington, Auntie's is — of course — situated right next to the Davenport Grand Hotel.