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Kelly: Take a new look at breakfast

Photo by Allrecipes.com

Most of us don't need a reason to eat breakfast. We wake up hungry and pretty much anything will do — as long as coffee comes with it.

But writers such as Leslie Kelly try to be imaginative. So she's not content with simply suggesting we all eat oatmeal. Or yogurt with fruit. Or even bacon and eggs (though as a longtime friend and former Spokesman-Review colleague, I know she has some special liking for bacon).

So as a writer now for Allrecipes.com, Kelly is charged with coming up with unique ways to think of, and even prepare, food. And one of the posts that you'll find on her author page involves that first meal of the day. It offers up the notion of salad — salad — for breakfast.

You'll access it by clicking here.

You'll can find any number of food/cooking websites. But I haven't found one that surpasses Allrecipes.com, for menu suggestions or for — as Kelly demonstrates — novel ways to tackle meals that we eat every day in ways that so often become either mundane or cliche.

Though, seriously, who could ever get tired of bacon?