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Wander into the Wandering Table

Above: Serrano Pepper Chips and Braised Lamb Shortribs.

Say what you want about Facebook, it’s a good tool for discovering new places to enjoy locally. At least my Facebook setup does, mostly because I have FB friends who tend to get out and around the area.

I don’t usually follow the music suggestions. But I sometimes pay attention to the art/literary recommendations. And I usually read with interest anything having to do with food.

So the day after the local eatery Wandering Table opened last Friday, my wife Mary Pat, her college roommate Helen and I drove over to the Kendall Yards neighborhood to see if we could get a table.

And wonder of wonders, though we stepped through the doors just before 6 p.m., we scored. Without, I might add, a reservation.

We had to sit on one of the elevated table in the center of the room (on those kind of bar table that don’t have a backrest), but no matter. We tend to eat fast anyway.

Our friendly server informed us right away that we were about to experience a “tapas kind” of dining experience. The Wandering Table specializes in offering a number of different selections that are designed to be shared.

And here is what the three of us ordered (along with a flight of reds for my wife, and a glass of Wandering White for Helen):

  • —fresh oysters
  • —a garden salad
  • —Late Spring pea soup
  • —Serrano Pepper chips
  • —Chicken Fried Garbanzo Beans
  • —Braised shortribs
  • —small order (one pound) Applewood Chicken Wings

And to go:

  • —one Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Everything we ordered earned at least one thumbs up (except for the lamb shortribs), and the chips and chicken wings were unanimous hits. And the damage to our checkbook: $96.74 (before tip), which I'd expected to be far worse.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to walk right in as we did, so you might want to call ahead. But if there is a restaurant in Spokane that might be worth waiting for, the Wandering Table might be it.

P.S.: I can still taste those chicken wings.