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It should be a ‘Grand’ weekend for movie fans

Wes Anderson fans can rejoice: AMC River Park Square is planning to open Anderson's new movie, "The Grand Budapest Hotel," on Friday, along with its regular mix of mainstream and art-house films. Here's what's tentatively coming:

"Noah": Darren Aronofsky's take on the story from Genesis, which he reportedly imbues with even more imagination than the original, will play in regular and IMAX formats (but, it seems, no 3-D).

"The Grand Budapest Hotel": The trailers fool you into thinking that this film is nearly a carbon copy of "Moonrise Kingdom," but I have it on good authority (my daughter, who saw the film in New York) that this period-piece fable may be Anderson's best effort yet.

"Sabotage": Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a DEA agent whose team members, following a successful raid on a Mexican drug cartel, start dying one by one. At age 66, isn't the big Austrian ready for retirement?

"Cesar Chavez": Michael Peña plays the charismatic labor organizer whose efforts on behalf of farm workers helped change a nation's consciousness.

"Bad Words": And, finally, another anticipated film, this one a dark comedy about an adult (Jason Bateman, who also directs) who, through a technicality, forces his way into a regional spelling bee. Talk about arrested development.

Over at the Magic Lantern, in addition to hosting the Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival, the theater will open:

"Mistaken for Strangers": This documentary tells the story of the indie music group The National as told in personal fashion by Tom Berninger, little brother of lead singer Matt Berninger.

"Enemy": Denis Villeneuve ("Prisoners") follows a man (Jake Gyllenhaal) who sees his double in a movie and obsessively sets out to track him down.