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SIFF 2014: Last weekend coming up

It's Wednesday, and after a fairly pleasant drive across the state, I'm sitting in a Seattle hotel room waiting to attend two movies at the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival. I'm at the Mediterranean Inn, which sits next door to the SIFF Uptown Cinemas, so I'll just head over there to see movies at 6 (or 6:30) and 8:30 p.m.

(I haven't made my mind up which of two earlier films I will see. "Longwave," a Swiss narrative film about a radio crew covering a story in Portugal during that country's 1974 "Carnation Revolution" plays at 6; "The Breach," a Pacific Northwest-made documentary about salmon, plays at 6:30.)

At 8:30, I'll watch "Macondo," an Austrian film about a boy's coming of age following his father's murder.

This is the last weekend for SIFF 2014. You can still catch a number of good movies (get box-office info here). One added benefit to that five-hour drive: At the top of the Vantage hill, we saw a magnificent view of Mount Rainier.