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See ‘Chef’ hungry, then go find some food

Above: John Leguizamo, Emjay Anthony and Jon Favreau eat well in "Chef."

I post mostly about movies. On occasion, though, I post about a decent meal I've had (here was the night we stumbled into the Wandering Table). The post I am writing at the moment combines both movies and food: That's because it concerns the movie "Chef," which I saw this afternoon at AMC River Park Square.

As a movie, "Chef" is all over the place. It starts as a typical drama, involving a guy (played by writer-director-star Jon Favreau) trying to make his cooking career work with his duties as the divorced father of a 10-year-old boy. It evolves into a father-and-son adventure, then turns into a road trip and ends up being a kind of modern fairy tale with the happiest of endings.

All that said, "Chef" is one of the most delicious looking movies since "Big Night." Or "Mostly Martha." Or "Babette's Feast." Or "Eat Drink Man Woman." From the dishes that Favreau's character dreams up in his home kitchen to the Cuban sandwiches he makes on the road, all the food in "Chef" looks tasty to the max.

If you go, make sure to go early. And hungry. Then head someplace for a good dinner afterward. You'll be glad you did.