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Friday’s openings: Sex in the Cloud(s)

What would a summer be without a movie that melded Internet ignorance with the anxiety over fading sexual attraction? Hmmmm, refreshing? Sorry, it's just that I have felt under assault by all the trailers for the "romantic comedy" that opens on Friday. "Sex Tape," which stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal, is just one of five openings — which makes you wonder what those who schedule summer films were thinking.

Friday's movie schedule is as follows:

"Sex Tape": It's a plot as old as videotape (which no one ever uses anymore, so what's with that title?): A couple, trying to rekindle their former sexual fervor, decides to film their exploits. Then, stupidly, they somehow mistakenly download the results onto the Internet. Whoops. Yeah, stupid people are supposed to be funny. "Neighbors," anyone?

"The Purge: Anarchy": A sequel to the 2013 original, this one continues the theme of an America in which for one 12-hour period, held annually, no crime is deemed illegal. Naturally, instead of anyone trying to rip off big banks and get rich, people opt for … murder. Oooooh, kids, scary.

"Planes: Fire & Rescue" (in 3D and standard): A sequel to "Planes" in which our hero (voice by Dane Cook) responds to a damaged engine by giving up racing and joining a fire and rescue crew. Sounds a little like Steven Spielberg's 1989 movie "Always."

"Persecuted": This from IMDB: "An evangelist finds himself framed for murder and on the run after he refuses to back a senator's proposition calling for sweeping religious reform." Right, happens every day.

And at the Magic Lantern:

"Life Itself": Documentary filmmaker Steve James follows film critic Roger Ebert during the final months of his life, revealing Ebert's life story and his ever-evolving take on both movies and life. I reviewed the film here.

That's the week. Enjoy.