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Football or no, you have to eat, right?

Given the good weather out there this Wednesday morning — weather that, according to reports, is supposed to last through the weekend — you might be thinking of heading to Seattle on Friday. Maybe your intent is to catch a football game, either in person or in a tavern where pretty much everybody will be wearing Seahawks blue, green and silver.

Whatever your reason, if you go on thing is clear: You have to eat. I was over there last weekend, and here are some of the place that I hit for dinner:

Cafe Flora — Located in the Madison Valley neighborhood, Cafe Flora advertises itself as "Seattle's Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant." Big words for a city that prides itself on having a number of veggie eateries, and a warning for those whose idea of eating includes only carnivore fare. My wife and I shared a kale and sundered-tomato pizza, which featured — of all things — a smattering of yam chips. We also shared, surprise, a salad.

Agradolce — Agradolce (ah-grah-DOLE-chay) is, according to Wordnik, a noun that signifies "a well-known Italian sauce used with venison, calf's head, etc. It contains sugar, chocolate, lemon-peel, currants, etc., and vinegar. It is poured over the cooked meat and served hot." In any event, it's the name of a Fremont neighborhood restaurant that serves "organic Sicilian cuisine." Four of us shared a round of appetizers, which included friend cardoon (a vegetable related to the artichoke), mussels and arugula and watercress salad. My wife's dish, which was a lamb shank and pasta concoction, was the dinner hit.

Mama Melina — Other than the fact that this place is as big as a warehouse, and I had to share a table with a gaggle of law professors, this Seattle institution — which is located in the University District — fed us well enough. I had fettuccini verdi, which was spinach pasta with a cream sausage sauce, and I almost licked the plate. But then I may just have been bored by all the talk of habeas corpus and such.

I also had a couple of decent breakfasts. But I'll save that for another post.