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This food blogger is following her passion

It's still a fairly tough economy out there, which makes the decision to quit a job even more difficult. But when you're young and have high hopes, you have to go where your interests carry you — even if it means giving up the security of a regular paycheck.

That's exactly what New Zealand food blogger Delaney Mes did recently. As this story explains, she gave up her day job as a lawyer to pursue food-blogging (and assorted catering/hosting duties) full time. I used to work with Delaney's sister Chelsea, who connected her with my wife and me a little more than a year ago when we stopped over in Auckland. Delaney hosted us to a tasty lunch in a trendy downtown restaurant.

So read about Delaney. Check out some of her recipes. And take heart in knowing that, yes, you can mix business and pleasure and still get by in your daily life. More than getting by, you may even bloom.