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Yeah, some people can’t stand Zach Braff

You don't have to look very hard to find some harsh feelings being directed toward Zach Braff. Most of it is trademark-Gawker snarky, which is an explanation all by itself. But much of the rest of it just seems … I don't know, misdirected? The same kind of feeling that you see when someone should be criticizing, say, Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer but who instead takes shots at a guy who uses the contacts and energies he accumulated through doing sitcom television to make little personal films that, while fiction, also reflect some aspects of his own life's concerns.

Of course, there is the little controversy about Braff's using Kickstarter to fund his latest effort. But that always seemed to me to be disingenuous. No one forced anyone to help Braff fund his film. Presumably, only his die-hard fans did.

Anyway, for you Gawker fans out there, I've embedded the teaser trailer for Braff's new movie, "Wish I Was Here." Braff-haters will want to pay special attention at the :58 mark (that's when Braff's character gets punched in the face).

Grammar cops who insist on adherence to correct subjunctive use may enjoy that brief moment, too.

Look for the movie's general release on July 25.