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Friday’s openings: From science to science fiction

Though only three movies are opening locally this weekend, movie fans should find the range of choices interesting if not actually daunting, particularly to those with a bent for science. The openings are:

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier": The only mainstream opening is a continuation of the Steve Rogers/Captain America story that Marvel Comics began in 2011's "Captain America: The First Avanger," continued in 2012's "The Avengers" and briefly in 2013's "Thor: The Dark World." Chris Evans, whose superhero duty includes playing Johnny Story/The Human Torch in the "Fantastic 4" series, returns as America's super-soldier. This time he faces the Winter Soldier, an enemy from the Cold War (and no, that's not code for Vladimir Putin). The movie will be screened in 3-D, regular 2-D and IMAX formats.

And at the Magic Lantern:

"Particle Fever": Documentary filmmaker Mark Levinson explores the preparation and follow-through of the the Large Hadron Collider to attempt to find the elusive Higgs boson.  

"Moulin Rouge — The Ballet": Debuting in 2009, the ballet production of "Moulin Rouge" is performed by Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet troupe. No, this is not Baz Luhrman's 2001 movie version.