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For a good, fruity sub, try Hogan’s

Yeah, on occasion, I try to eat in a healthy manner. When that usually means is, when I have my Saturday-morning breakfasts, I see if it's possible to trade my hasbbrowns for what's usually called "seasonal" fruit. Trouble is, "seasonal' fruit can mean just about anything.

On a recent Saturday morning, I made the request at Hogan's, the South Hill diner where my friends and I dine regularly. And to my surprise, not only was I given no hassle — no, "We can't make that substitution" or "I'm not sure we have any fresh fruit" — I actually got what's picture in the above photo.

OK, it's not fresh blueberries. But watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple are a pretty good treats. They sure beat greasy hashbrowns.

Well, health be damned, at least until I regain my taste for them.