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Early afternoon is a good time for South Perry Pizza

The first three times I tried to eat at South Perry Pizza, I couldn't score a table. I finally made it when, with my wife, daughter and two grandchildren, we just happened to hit the place on a slow weekday evening. That's the story with the booming South Perry district: The only thing harder than finding a table at South Perry Pizza, Casper Fry, the Lantern Tap House or even The Shop is finding any on-street parking.

Or, I should add, any parking at all.

The key, then, seems to be timing. Because I took my brother there last week, in the early afternoon, and we had no problem finding a seat. In fact, we could basically sit where we wanted. And, we discovered, we could order 7-inch pizzas for $7 until 4 p.m.

We were hungry, though, so we opted for full pies; specifically, for what you see in the above photo. My brother is a pepperoni freak, so that's his up top. I chose a spinach-feta blend (and went the healthy route by eating only half along with my starter salad).

I won't say that South Perry Pizza is my favorite Spokane pizza house. These days too many choices exist, which is a far cry from the early '80s when all you could find was basically Geno's, the Park Inn and chain businesses. But its fans say good things about it. Besides, look again at those photos. Don't they make you want to much on pizza right now?

I will say that the service was quick and friendly. Which was much appreciated.

Even if we were pretty much the only patrons in sight.