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NPR’s Norris to address race at SFCC

"My parents were postal workers who took pride in simple things. Their home. Their garden. The sunny optimism they passed on to their children. I thought I knew my parents so well. I was wrong."

Those are the words of Michelle Norris, the National Public Radio correspondent and author of the nonfiction book "The Grace of Silence: The Power of Words." Norris, who will speak at 5:30 today at Spokane Falls Community College, had intended to write a book about what she calls "America's hidden conversation about race." But after talking to her own family, she changed her mind. The change came partly from hearing her father talk about being shot in the leg by Birmingham, Ala., police officers. It came partly from hearing her mother talk about the time she sold pancake mix, dressed like Aunt Jemima.

Norris will talk about her book and about the Race Card Project, and afterward will take audience questions and conduct a book signing. The event is free and open to the public. For further information, click here.