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Try soup and salads at Clover - hold the cucumber

When one of my friends asked me to list my top 10 Spokane restaurants, I had to include Clover. I've eaten there twice now, which doesn't include the evening that I had drinks and appetizers on the patio. And each time I had a great meal.

OK, forgive the above photo, which is what happens when you, 1, lack talent as a photographer, 2, hold your iPhone awkwardly and fail to center on what you're shooting and, 3, think that soup and a salad is enough for dinner. So, OK, I was one for three (soup and THAT salad was indeed enough for dinner).

That, by the way, is a Clover salad and a cup of tomato bisque soup. And both were great.

But … look, I love lemonade. I even love Arnold Palmers, which everyone knows is ice tea and lemonade. But lemonade and … cucumbers? Seriously? I understand that it's fashionable to put cucumber in water. I don't agree with it, but I understand it. But lemonade, one of the best simple drinks imaginable? I mean, if you want to improve lemonade, then put something alcoholic in it. Vodka, maybe? Or rum. Not cucumbers. Ever.

So, soups? Way to go, Clover. Salads? Bravo. Cucumbers in my lemonade?


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