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I found plenty to say about ‘Enough Said’

Normally on Friday mornings I post the reviews that I write for Spokane Public Radio. But the review I wrote this week was for "The Act of Killing," which played last night — and last night only — at the Magic Lantern. So instead, I want to comment on two other movies that I saw this week.

By now, Alfonso Cuarón's "Gravity" has been playing for a week. And if you haven't seen it, most fans pretty much agree that this is one movie you have to see in 3-D IMAX. That's because the story, intense as it is, is not the movie's strong point. The special effects are. And those EFX are best experienced on a big-BIG screen that pulls you into the action. As my Movies 101 colleague Nathan Weinbender says, "Gravity" is a movie to get immersed in. Most films waste 3-D technology ("Avatar" being the one prime exception). "Gravity" does not.

If you know anything about Nicole Holofcener's movie "Enough Said," it's likely that one of the movie's cast members, James Gandolfini, died suddenly a few months before the film's September release. What you may not have heard is that "Enough Said" is a sweet, funny and — though at times discomfiting — fairly authentic view of middle-age love affairs. Holofcener has made a number of films that focus on the complexity of contemporary relationships, and she benefits here from the presences of Gandolfini and "Seinfeld" alumna Julia Louis-Dreyfus. "Enough Said" may carry with it a sense of the bittersweet, but the emphasis is firmly on the second half of that adjective, and it is a fitting final work for the once and always Tony Soprano.