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Boom goes the Snyder thank-you to his fans

If you were to list all the movies filmed in Spokane, certainly "Vision Quest" would rank atop — or near the top — of your list. That was proven a couple of years ago when "Vision Quest" star Matthew Modine appeared at a special Spokane International Film Festival screening of the film at the Garland Theater — and the place sold out.

Of course, many of those in attendance were extras in the movie.

Now, building on "Vision Quest" popularity, Boom Creative has produced a "thank you" video aimed at supporters of Spokane City Councilman Jon Snyder. The video, which is embedded below, features shots of Snyder biking across the same downtown bridges that Modine's character, Louden Swain, runs over in the film.

Take a second and check it out. Then find a copy of "Vision Quest" and check out what Spokane looked like in the 1980s.