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Quench your coffee jones wherever you can

I usually shape my coffee-drinking habits by whatever season I'm in. Which means that, while I drink hot coffee all the year round, I typically drink iced coffee during warmer months.

And by iced-coffee drinks I include what, in some cases, could be described as "coffee-like" drinks. I mean, sure, some coffee places — the better ones, at least — make sure that their iced-coffee drinks have pulled shots of genuine coffee in them. Others, well, not so much. 

What you get when you order a Costco mocha freeze, for example, probably has as much to do with real coffee as Daniel Day-Lewis does with the real Abraham Lincoln. But since I don't work there, and have no inside information about the way Costco does business to share, I really don't know one way or the other. (For all I know, Costco could be filling its mocha-freeze machines with prime Colombian roast. Anything is possible, right?)

Whatever, I am obsessed with Costco's coffee (or coffee-like) drink. And for just $1.45, it's a definite bargain. So despite the recent cold (with more on the horizon), I devoured one the other day. And, despite reports about the amount of calories/fat grams in each cup, am likely to do so all through the winter.

Did I say I was obsessed? Maybe addicted would be a better description.